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Cipla MTP Kit

Buy MTP kit (Misoprostol + Mifepristone) online

Cipla Misoprostol and Mifepristone MTP Kit for unwanted pregnancy or abortion. 

Terminate / abort pregnancy within up to 9 weeks of becoming pregnant.

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Cipla MTP Kit

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Buy MTP Kit Misoprostol + Mifepristone online

Terminate pregnancy within up to 9 weeks of becoming pregnant with the Cipla MTP Kit.

Buy with confidence at a reduced price from

MTP kit and also it's generic version have the following Active Ingredient: misoprostol + mifepristone. It is used for chemical abortion and to treat hypothyroid coma, induction of labor, menstruation disorders, and muscle spasm of varied Aetiology, routine management of the 3rd stage of labor, severe nausea and vomiting (prevention), softening and dilatation of cervix before mechanical cervical dilatation.

The drug is available in doses of 200 mg and is also itis used for abortion in USA and Canada.

Note: Terminate pregnancy within 9 weeks of becoming pregnant, by using Cipla MTP Kit. Order online now with confidence at a discounted price.

Drug use may cause dizziness. Do not drive, operate machinery or do anything potentially dangerous while taking this medication.
Generic Cipla MTP Kit Mifepristone Side Effects: Possible side effects of using MTP Kit may include back pain, dizziness, fatigue, headache, anxiety, unusual tiredness or weakness, and even fever.

Take the advice of a doctor or medical professional before using any pharmaceutical product. If you experience any side effects from taking Cipla MTP Kit, consult a doctor or medical professional straight away.

Why to buy two MTP Kits pack?

On, we always recommend buying two MTP Kits. This is due to emergency cases like –

  • If the pregnancy has matured past 5 weeks, she MAY need two MTP Kits for completing the termination procedure.
  • If the user consumes one MTP Kit during the procedure, but vomits out pills within 30-45 minutes, or wherein she regurgitates the pills, then she may have to use the other pack.

It is the consumer’s decision, however whether they decide to buy two MTP Kits, we would not be liable for the responsibility of the purchasing decision.


Mifepristone (RU 486) is a synthetic steroid with an anti-progestational action as a result of competition with progesterone at the progesterone receptors. This activity results in termination of pregnancy.
In women at doses of ≥1 mg/kg, mifepristone antagonises the endometrial and myometrial effects of progesterone. During pregnancy it sensitizes the myometrium to the contraction - inducing action of prostaglandin. During the first trimester, pre-treatment with mifepristone allows the dilatation and opening of the cervix uteri. While clinical data have demonstrated that mifepristone facilitates dilatation of the cervix, no data is available to indicate that this results in a lowering of the rate of early or late complications to the dilatation procedure.
In the event of an early termination of pregnancy, the combination of a prostaglandin analogue used in a sequential regimen after mifepristone leads to an increase in the success rate to about 95% of the cases and accelerates the expulsion of the conceptus.

In clinical trials, according to the prostaglandin used and the time of application, the results vary slightly. Combinations of mifepristone with prostaglandin analogues other than misoprostol and gemeprost have not been studied.

Mifepristone also exhibits anti-glucocorticoid and weak anti-androgenic activity. It binds to the glucocorticoid receptor. In animals at doses of 10 to 25 mg/kg it inhibits the action of dexamethasone. In man the anti-glucocorticoid action is manifested at a dose ≥ 4.5 mg/kg by a compensatory levation of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and cortisol. Glucocorticoid bioactivity may be depressed for several days following a single administration of 200 mg mifepristone for termination of pregnancy. The clinical implications of this are unclear; however vomiting and nausea may be increased in susceptible women.


Misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin E1 which is a potent inhibitor of gastric acid secretion in humans. It also causes the cervix to soften and the uterus to contract.Prostaglandin E1 causes myometrial contractions by interacting with specific receptors on myometrial cells. This interaction results in a change in calcium concentration, thereby initiating muscle contraction. By interacting with prostaglandin receptors, misoprostol causes the cervix to soften and the uterus to contract, resulting in the expulsion of the uterine contents.

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Cipla MTP Kit

Cipla MTP Kit

Buy MTP kit (Misoprostol + Mifepristone) online

Cipla Misoprostol and Mifepristone MTP Kit for unwanted pregnancy or abortion. 

Terminate / abort pregnancy within up to 9 weeks of becoming pregnant.

Order 2 MTP Kit for FREE Shipping

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